New Huffington Post Blogging Platform for Contributors

The Blogger’s Guide to the New Huffington Post Contributor Platform

The Huffington Post recently changed their contributor platform. Thousands of bloggers utilize HuffPo to extend the reach of their articles to new audiences, gain backlinks, and build their writing portfolio.

Now, instead of jumping onto their blogging platform and submitting a new post for review, bloggers can publish directly to the Huffington Post website.

Writers excited about dofollow backlinks

But there’s a catch…

How the New Huffington Post Content Platform Works

Now when an existing blogger submits to the Huffington Post, their article is automatically published.

Well that’s pretty sweet for bloggers, right — to have their work immediately published?

Not so fast..

Cons of the New HuffPo Blogging Platform

While posts are automatically sent live, bloggers won’t reap the same benefits.

Initially, the posts are set as “noindex, nofollow”, which means that both the article, and any links it may contain are virtually ignored by Google and other search engines.

It used to be that after a few days of waiting for review, posts would published to the Huffington Post and featured on category pages, but it seems now that they are only published on a unique URL that is not featured at all.

If your post does well, the Huffington Post may “promote” your article to be featured, but until then your post will not receive any traffic other than what you send to it yourself.

Once your post is promoted, it will also become an indexed page with do-follow links.

Blogger working for huffington post

Pros of the New HuffPo Blogging Platform

The Huffington Post, and to an extent its readers gain benefit from these new blog platform changes.

HuffPo saves a substantial amount of time because only a small handful of posts have to be reviewed and edited, compared to all articles in the past.

Hypothetically this should also raise the quality of the featured articles on the Huffington Post, because articles featured on the website are more specifically hand-picked.

Implications for Link Builders and Bloggers:

If you are looking to publish to the Huffington Post for link building purposes, you need to rethink your strategy. It is most likely that your article will never be converted to an indexed page with do-follow links unless you plan on heavily promoting your article.

There may still be value in the no-follow links if the article has substantial traffic, however the Huffington Post will no longer be driving traffic to the page until it’s promoted, so it comes down to your own promotional strategy again.

This change also negatively affects bloggers with small networks looking to use the Huffington Post to leverage a wider audience. Contributor-published articles will never reach the main HuffPo article without substantial promotion and marketing, which is a problem for bloggers who don’t have large followings.

Ultimately, the new Huffington Post platform is making bloggers work harder – for free.


What do you think?

Do you plan on publishing to the new Huffington Post platform?