5 Excuses for My Blogging Hiatus

5 Weak Excuses for My Blogging Hiatus and Why I Want to Recommit

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a lazy blogger. I haven’t posted anything in more than 3 months. I’ve had people ask me if I’m still blogging or why they are no longer getting updates.

Let me first say, blogging is a lot of work.

Then, learn about my lame-ass excuses:

5. I Moved

Moving sucks. I made the move from Southwest Idaho to Southern California in September. I visited in July and August, and then packed everything up and drove 900 miles, stopping one night in Vegas.

Moving to Orange County
It doesn’t look like this any more. It looks like an explosion of crap.

I can pretend it’s still a valid excuse in October because I haven’t finished unpacking things or furnishing my new apartment.

4. I Work Full Time

I don’t make any money from blogging, and don’t really plan to monetize my blog in the future, so blogging is always lower on my priority list than working. I typically work 40-45 hours a week with a full time job and extra work that I do freelance or for startups.

3. My Work Is Very Similar to Blogging

40 hours of work a week leaves a reasonable amount of time to get the rest of life shit done, but my work work is very similar to the work that makes up blogging. I plan and implement blog and social content. I plan and create visual content.

And after 8 hours of planning blog posts and promotions, planning more blog posts and promotions isn’t always what I feel like doing.

2. Grad School

Michigan State Grad School

As any of my readers who know me personally know, I started grad school back in May. It’s normally not particularly intensive, but normally adds an extra 3-5 hours of brain-intensive work to my weekly schedule. It can also be similar to my work and blogging in that it involves marketing analysis and strategy.

1. I Like Netflix More Than Blogging

Really the number one reason I haven’t published a post in 3+ months is because I am very dedicated to my Netflix watching. As you know, the latest seasons of the Arrow, Flash, Daredevil, and a handful of other shows were released in late summer/early fall. I’m proud to say that I have accomplished a lot of Netflix watching in these past 3 months.

Why I Want to Recommit to Blogging

Recommit to blogging

Just this past week I’ve made the loose decision to recommit to blogging.

There are a few reasons for this.

1. My friends and family actually read and enjoy my blog

Whenever I share one of my blog posts on Facebook, people actually read and comment on my blog posts. I’ve had people tell me in person or through private messages that they enjoyed a post or found it helpful.

People have also commented on my lack of blogging, showing me that my sloppy, salty writing is actually missed.

2. Most of my content is already outdated

I’ve written a lot about marketing, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Unfortunately the industry moves so quickly that a lot of my content is outdated.

I’ve got kickass step-by-step guides with screen shots, which are completely irrelevant now since the UI for Google Tag Manager has completely changed.

This renders a lot of my blog useless, but also creates an easy opportunity to update and republish posts so that they are once again helpful.

3. It’s a good creative outlet

I’ve spent most of my life with some form of creative outlet or another. For a long time I would play and write music, and write stories or poems.

Blogging is a good creative outlet to improve my writing and to encourage me to explore topics I care about.

4. Complete strangers spend a lot of goddamn time on my blog

People spend time reading my blog

This was the most compelling reason that I have decided to recommit: people spend a lot of goddamn time on my blog.

For the past few months I have only had around 1000-1100 blog visitors per month. On the surface to non-bloggers and non-site owners this might seem like a lot, but to bloggers is almost insignificantly small. You can’t generate ad revenue off of 1,000 visitors. You can’t generate affiliate revenue off of 1,000 visitors. You can’t sell e-courses to 1,000 visitors.

But more notably, the average time spent on my site is 9 minutes.

Now for those who don’t own websites and might not know, that’s a lot of time. To put it into perspective, I have analytic access to a handful of websites ranging from auto sales to e-commerce to crossfit. Their average times range from 1 minute 15 seconds to about 3 minutes, with traffic ranging from 300-300,000/month.

I haven’t been sharing posts on Facebook in the last 3 months, so the people spending 9 minutes on my site do not know me personally. They find me searching questions about tattoos, marketing, and blogging on Google. They find me by clicking a Pin from someone else’s page. They don’t know anything about me when they reach my site.

And they spend 9 goddamn minutes reading.

Complete strangers spend 9,000 minutes a month reading my content.

That’s 150 hours.

That’s 6 and a quarter days.

This indicates to me that the marketing I’ve done in the past is truly effective in that I am reaching the exact audience that my blog was built for, and that people find it genuinely interesting.

How I’m Going to Manage My Blog From Now On

I haven’t exactly figured out how I will manage my time so that I don’t burn out between work, school, and blogging, but I have a few ideas including:

  1. Limiting myself to only watching Netflix after a certain time of day (maybe 5 or 6pm)
  2. Setting more realistic goals – initially I was trying to write and publish at least one blog post per week. Considering that my blog posts typically range from 900-1,500 words, and often entail a lot of research, that’s too much
  3. Not trying to do everything – it’s hard not to get starry-eyed when you’re a blogger. There are people out there making tens of thousands of dollars per month blogging. There are people who get hundreds of thousands of readers per month. The goal of my blog is not to get a huge, broad audience. It is to write to my friends and family, and to write helpful information for people working in my industry. I don’t need to send out weekly emails. I don’t need to post to 7 social media channels. I need to write targeted posts, and share them with the people who will benefit most from them.

How You Can Help

One of the purposes of this post was to update people who were curious about where I stand with my blog – but also to ask for your help. Here’s what you (as my friend/family/follower) can do to encourage me:

  1. Engage with my blog – either comment below my blog posts or on the social media postings where I share this blog
  2.  Tell me what you want to read about. Young adultiness? Social issues? Success? Mental illness? Blogging itself? Marketing? Message me and tell me what you want me to talk about. Comment below or on my Facebook post and tell me what you want to read.
  3. Buy me a cup of coffee. I’m dead serious. I don’t make any money blogging, and I work most effectively out of coffee shops. Don’t worry, I’m a cheap date.